Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekly Cartoon- Food Related cartoons

(Full View is Best for reading the comics!)

I think just about everyone has at least one particular thing they simply detest when it comes to food! For me, it is most cheeses (with a few exceptions-) and Olives-! However, for the things I do love to eat,  it proves quite challenging to leave any leftovers! :) Such as..sushi... yum~! We've got a great sushi restaurant here in Portland Maine by the name of "Yosaku"and I had lunch there a couple months ago, and was compelled to doodle the comic above whilst there. In my opinion, it's one of the top Japanese restaurants in the area (along with Miyake and Benkay). I've  pretty much tried them all, and even waited on tables at a few. When I graduated from the Maine College of Art in 2005,  I proceeded to take on some part time jobs at places like Ginza Town, Benkay, and Miyake when they first opened. It really broadened my palate quite a bit , and gave me a more discerning one, and after a couple of years I realized that being a waitress was most certainly not the right kind of part time job for me! :) Although, I'm truly glad for the experiences, for working at those restaurants gave me a bit of inspiration for the whole ©Sushi Cat Illustration series :) I could just imagine a plump cat meandering into one of the sushi restaurants, and sitting right down at one of my tables....order up! :)
Sushi Cat- Big Fred

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